Steering Committee

N.I.M.R.D.'s “Grigore Antipa” Steering Committee, according to HG 253/2015

  1. General Manager - dr. Florin TIMOFTE
  2. Scientific Manager - dr. Laura BOICENCO
  3. Technical Manager - ---
  4. Economic Manager - ec. Ionela MOROŞAN
  5. Head of Oceanography, Coastal and Marine Engineering Department- dr. Răzvan MATEESCU
  6. Head of Ecology and Marine Biology Department - Adrian FILIMON
  7. Head of Marine Living Resources Department - dr. Victor NIŢĂ
  8. Head of Technological Transfer, Dissemination and Public Relations Department- dr. Mariana GOLUMBEANU
  9. Head of IT Compartment - Marius NEDELCU
  10. Head of Technical Department - eng. Ion STANCIU
  11. Head of Laboratory for Measurements and Physical/Chemical Analyses Department - dr. Valentina COATU
  12. Union representative - Dragoș MARIN