National Institute for Marine Research and Development
“Grigore Antipa”

The National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta ( is mainly involved in basic research and applied technology, crucial for the understanding, protection and management of coastal and marine environment in the economic exclusive zone of Romania at the Black Sea coast. NIMRD is entitled to propose the Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes regulations in the field and represent Romania in the field of marine science with different organizations and expert groups of international conventions it is part in. NIMRD is the technical operator of the national network of physical, chemical and biological monitoring and coastal erosion surveillance.

The main responsibilities of NIMRD at national and international levels are:

  • presidency and secretariat of the Romanian National Oceanography Committee/RNC-UNESCO;
  • the Permanent Technical Secretariat of the National Coastal Zone Committee;
  • coordinator and secretary of the International Secretariat for the South-Eastern Europe of the Balkan Environmental Association;
  • coordinator and secretary of the Regional Activity Center for Environmental Aspects Fisheries and Other Marine Living Resources Management, as well as five other national focal points (the Black Sea Commission);
  • scientific representation of Romania in international bodies (UNESCO/COI, CIESM, FAO, CGPM, CECAF, ICES, NATO, GEF/ Black Sea, ACCOBAMS).

The major activities of NIMRD are:

  • oceanographic surveys in the Romanian marine sector and the related EEZ (approximately 60-80 days/year);
  • programs focused on areas of national and international interest (integrated monitoring of marine and coastal environment;
  • coordinated by MECC, marine ecosystem conservation and promotion of its sustainable use - MNE, protection and sustainable development of marine resources (National Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture);
  • protection and conservation of dolphins in Romanian marine waters - MECC, EC/LIFE NATURE, ACCOBAMS);
  • marine radioactivity and radioecology (IAEA, MML Monaco).

It is the only R&D institute in Romania where research on marine aquaculture is conducted, as well as assessing the Total Allowable Catch for the main marine fish species of commercial interest. The Institute also performed, together with the National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, the National Programme for Fisheries Data Collection, under which the fishing quotas are allocated by the EC.



I.N.C.D.M. este înscris în ghidul CIESM
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