Main activities

National Institute for Marine Research and Development (NIMRD) “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta has as main activity scope conducting fundamental, applied and technological development research in oceanography, marine and coastal engineering, marine ecology and environmental protection and management of living resources in the Black Sea and other marine areas of interest, to meet the national and international requirements in the exclusive economic zone proposed, as well as the obligations imposed by Romania's accession to international conventions of the field; it is the technical operator of the national network of physical, chemical and biological monitoring of marine/coastal waters and coastal erosion surveillance, being empowered to propose the coordinating ministry regulations the field; it provides the scientific basis for the national strategy on marine and coastal environment, based on the results of R&D activities, regional and international cooperation activities; NIMRD has numerous national and international responsibilities:

  • National Oceanographic and Environmental Data Center;
  • Early warning and mitigation tsunami system for Northwest Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the connected seas (IOC);
  • National operator of integrated physical, chemical and biological monitoring system of the marine environment;
  • National scientific responsible for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD);
  • Focal Points within the Black Sea Commission for: Biodiversity, Pollution, Land-based sources pollution, ICZM, Fisheries and other marine living resources; ACCOBAMS focal point;
  • Regional activity center for environmental aspects of fisheries and other marine living resources management;
  • National scientific responsibilities for fisheries data collection and marine living resoirces stock assessment;
  • National scientific responsible for the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM);
  • Coordinator of the International South-Eastern Europe Secretariat of the Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.);
  • Coordinator of the environmental professions and fisheries training centers;
  • Custodian of the Vama Veche-2 Mai (ROSCI0269) Marine Reserve.