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BALKAN ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATION (B.EN.A.) – DEVELOPING A SCIENTIFIC NETWORK IN BALKAN AND BLACK SEA REGION Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A) is an international nongovernmental scientific organization tasked with preserving the environment and culture of Balkan countries. Nowadays our association have more 4,000 active members. The organization is aimed at developing the cooperation and the exchange of environmental information among its members in as well as identifying and appraising the current problems of environmental protection on a national, regional and international basis. The primary scopes of B.EN.A. are: • To examine and appraise the current problems of environmental protection on a regional, national and international basis; • To advise the regulatory bodies of the various Balkan and Black Sea countries about decisions concerning the evaluation of the risk of chemicals and physical agents; • To develop international cooperation on reducing transboundary pollution which will affects public health. • To develop strategies and options for the environmental protection; • To develop the environmental quality management systems for the Balkan and Black Sea region. • To develop international programs for the restoration and the sustainable improvement of the ecological safety of cross-border regions. • To plan and organize scientifically events and other activities on environmental issues. B.EN.A’s specialists are involved in the study of pollution (air, water, soil, agricultural, industrial); ecology; risk assessment; waste management; radioactivity; clean technologies; environmental education, environmental legislation, management and informatics; health impact and computer application to environmental issues. 2. RESEARCH ACTIVITIES 2.1. SPONSORSHIP OF RESEARCH PROJECTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS Since 2001 up today B.EN.A. developed in the Balkan region the Program for research projects and scholarships, as results were funded 147 research projects and 263 scholarships for young scientists. The Calls were developed in the following environmental topics: pollution control in environmental media for hot point’s identification, new methods/techniques development in relation with international requirements; environmental impact/risk assessment for identification of areas, where pollution abatement, clean production or ecological reconstruction are required; environmental technologies (drinking water, waste water, wastes); training and consulting for EMS (ISO 14001) and QMS (EN 45001) development and implementation for certification/accreditation etc. 2.2. CURRENT STUDIES AND FUTURE STEPS Starting January 2009, B.EN.A. is Task leader of Working Package 7 in the frame of the International Research Project supported by the FP7 of European Commission UPGRADE BLACK SEA SCENE (2009-2011) http://www.blackseascene/net The basis of the project is formed by the FP6 Research Infrastructure “Black Sea SCENE” (Black Sea Scientific Network) 2005-2008. The later project established a scientific network of leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes, universities and NGO’s from the countries around the Black Sea. The project aims to improve and harmonize the marine data management practices in the region, and expand the coverage of the data infrastructure. Furthermore, it will enhance the exchange of scientific knowledge, and regional cooperation of institutes for environmental problems and better protection, rehabilitation and sustainable development of the Black Sea ecosystem. The infrastructure is populated and maintained by the organizations and aims at improving the identification, access, exchange, quality indication and use of their data and information about the Black Sea. Finally existing national Data Quality Control methods of all data centres will be analyzed and compared with European quality methods, guidelines and practices. 3. TRAINING PROGRAM ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONS B.EN.A. is running TRAINING CENTERS on ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONS for specialists and unemployed people, in order to improve their professional status and to update their knowledge on modern environment management, in order to face the job market demands. The Training Centers were funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hellenic Republic (Department of International Development and Co-operation- HELLENIC AID) in 2002 and were running for two years program, having the great impact and success in the region. B.ENA. continues its efforts for the sustaining training activity on environmental professions with the support of private companies like: TITAN S.A., CARPATCEMENT Heidelberg Cement Group, BANCPOST Romania, TOMINI TRADING SRL, PROCTER & GAMBLE, ANCDPI, Balkan Mineral and Mining. During 2002-2012 more than 1,400 persons graduated the courses on environmental professions in Constanta, Bucharest, Plovdiv, Varna, Skopje and Belgrade. The Training Centers are functioning as follow: 1. Training Center on „Environmental management” specialization in the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa” Constanta, ROMANIA. 2. Training Center on “Eco-agro-tourism and organic agriculture”, located in the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, BULGARIA. 3. Training Center on “Public Health Impact” specialization, in the Faculty of Medicine, Skopje, FYR of Macedonia. 4. Training Courses in “Sustainable Fishery” specialization running in the in National Institute of Fishery and Aquaculture (IFA) in Varna, BULGARIA. 5. Training Courses on “Sustainable Development in the frame of EU Legislation Harmonization”, in the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, SERBIA. B.EN.A. is member of the International SKILLSnet of CEDEFOP – European Union Center for the Development of Vocational Education and Training. 4. SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION – Journal of environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE) is an official journal of B.EN.A., which is starting to serve as a digital library for environmental issues. The Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology (JEPE) is indexed and abstracted in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch*) and Journal Citation Reports/Science edition, Thomson Scientific, and in Elsevier Bibliographic Databases (Geobase and EMBiology), Ulrich Database. The Journal is refereed in Chemical Abstracts and Referativnii jurnal “Khimiya”. 5. SCIENTIFIC EVENTS B.EN.A. organized and co-organized more than 70 scientific events on different environmental topics in Greece, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and FYR Macedonia. 2013: • The 48th National Congres and 8th International Congres on Agriculture, organized by the University of Osijek and University of Zagreb, co-organized by BENA, Opatija/Croatia, 17-22 February 2013, • 4th International Symposium on “Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development”, organized by “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia and B.EN.A., 23- 24 May 2013, Alba Iulia, Romania • 1st International Conference on “Sustainability of Pharmaceutical, Medical and Ecological Education and research – SPHAMEER 2013”, organized by “Ovidius” University of Constanta/Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agriculture, B.EN.A., Municipality of Constanta, Natural Sciences Museum Complex – Dolphinarium, June 20-23, 2013, Constanta, Romania • International Conference on “Marine Research – HORIZON 2020” – MARES/2020, organized by the Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS), PERSEUS FP7 EC PROJECT, IOC/UNESCO, BENA, 17-19 September 2013, Varna, Bulgaria 2012: • International Conference on "Sustainable Landscape Planning and Safe Environment", organized by Balkan Environemntal Association (BENA), Istanbul Technical University (Faculty of Landscape Arhitecture), Turkish Ministry of Environment and Forests, Istanbul Metropolitan Planning, Istanbul/turkey, 21-24 June 2012, • International Conference on Marine and Coastal Ecosystems (MarCoastEcos2012): increasing knowledge for a sustainable conservation and management, organized by University of Tirana, Association for Protection of Aquatic Wildlife of Albania, EuroMedLag - Endorsing institutions and organizations: EUCC, Conservatoire du Littoral, CoNISMa, MARS Network, EURONATUR, TETHYS, WWF, B.EN.A., MESAEP, MASH etc., Tirana, Albania 25-28 April 2012, • The 47th National Congres and 7th International Congres on Agriculture, organized by the University of Zagreb and University of Osijek, co-organized by BENA, Opatija/Croatia, 13-17 February 2012, 2011: • The 46th National Congres and 6th International Congres on Agriculture, organized by the University of Zagreb and University of Osijek, co-organized by BENA, Opatija/Croatia, 14-18 February 2011, • 3rdInternational Symposium on “Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development”, organized by “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia and B.EN.A., 26th – 27th May 2011, Alba Iulia, Romania • International Conference on”Sustainable Development in Coastal Areas” organized by B.EN.A. and the University of Ioannina in 29th June – 1st July 2011, Ioannina, Greece; • International Symposium “Protection and Sustainable Management of the Black Sea Ecosystem, Third Millenium Imperative Vth Edition”, organized by the National Institute for Marine Research and Development „Grigore Antipa”, co-organied by B.EN.A. and the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, 29-30 September 2011, Constanta, Romania • International Conference on: „Environmental Capacity Building” – ECB 2011, organized by B.EN.A., Romanian Academy, European Center of Excellence for the Environment – „Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, 11-13 November 2011, Bucharest, Romania; • International Symposium “The Environment and Industry” organized by the National Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND Bucharest, Romanian Society for Chemistry and coorganized by B.EN.A., 16-19 November 2011, Bucharest, Romania 2010: • The 45th National Congres and 5th International Congres on Agriculture, organized by the University of Osiejk and University of Zagreb, co-organized by BENA, Opatija/Croatia, 15-19 February 2010, • International Workshop “Fishery and Aquaculture – A View Point upon the Sustainable Management of the Water Resources in Balkan Area”, organized by the University "Dunarea de Jos" of Galati - Faculty of Food Science and Engineering in collaboration with Balkan Environmental Association B.EN.A., Romanian Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Research-Development Institute for Aquatic Ecology, Fishery and Aquaculture Galati, 26-28 May 2010, Galati/Romania • International Seminar in the frame of EU Project TR0703.01-03/35 – BENA and Urban and Public Health Association, Adnan Menderez University, ADÜ Congress Center, Aydin, Turkey, 20-21 August 2010 • International Workshop „Global and Regional Environmental Protection” organized by Polytehnic University of and B.EN.A., 26-28 November 2010, Timisoara/Romania, 2009: • International Workshop on “Environmental, Nutrition, Health Relationship in the frame of EU Policy”, in Galati, ROMANIA, co-organized by B.EN.A., Romanian Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, University “Dunarea de Jos” - Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary (USAMV), Institute of Food Bioresources, January 16-17, 2009 • 4th International Congress on Agriculture Opatija, Croatia organized by the Universities of Zagreb and Osijek, co-organized by B.EN.A., February 16-21, 2009 • 3rd International Conference on “Life Quality and Capacity Building in the frame of a Safe Environment”, organized by B.EN.A. and the Municipality of Katerini, Prefecture of Pieria, GREECE, March 17-20, 2009 • 2nd International Symposium on “Management and Sustainable Protection of Environment” organized by “1st December 1918” University of Alba Iulia and B.EN.A., May 6-7, 2009 • International Symposium on “Sustainable Development in Southeast Europe” organized by B.EN.A., Namik Kemal University, Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey, June 17- 20, 2009 • 2nd International Symposium on “Impact of Environmental Pollution on Public Health” organized by B.EN.A. and Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania,15-18 July 2009 • International Symposium on “Pollution management and Environmental Protection" organized by B.EN.A. and University of Tirana, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Albania, 16-20 September 2009 • International Symposium “The Environment and Industry” organized by the National Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND Bucharest, Romanian Society for Chemistry and coorganized by B.EN.A., 28-30 October 2009 • 2nd FP7 Workshop– Upgrade Black Sea Scene – organized by B.EN.A. in Bucharest, Romania, 1-6 November 2009 • International Workshop and Round table: "Planning for sustainable development and implementation of strategies for the protection of wetlands, lakes and protected areas along the Black Sea Coast“, 22-23 July 2008 organized by “Ovidius” University, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (USA), B.EN.A. and the National Institute for Marine Research and Development „Grigore Antipa” Constanta, Romania. The scientific events were organized by B.EN.A. with the support of public institutions and local authorithies: Greeece: Alexander Technological Education Institution of Thessaloniki, University of Ioannina, Katerni Municipality, Pieria Prefecture, Florina Municipality, Preveza Municipality, Halkidiki Prefecture; Turkey: Istanbul Technical University, Ministry of Environment and Forests of Turkey, „Namik Kemal” University of Tekirdag, Turkish Chemical Manufacturer Association, Istanbul Metropolitan Planning, ISKI Istanbul; Romania: NRDIEP – National Institute for Marine Research and Development „Grigore Antipa” Constanta, National Institute for Industrial Ecology – ECOIND Bucharest, Romanian Academy of Sciences, “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Politehnic University of Timisoara, “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Transilvania University of Brasov, Constanta Municipality, Constanta County Council, Alba Iulia Municipality, Sebes Municipality, Tulcea County Council; Serbia: University of Belgrade, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, Belgrade Municipality, Rakovica Municipality; Croatia: University of Zagreb, University of Osijek, Ministry of Environment; Albania: University of Tirana – Faculty of Natural Sciences, Academy of Sciences, University of Vlora; Private companies: TITAN Romania, TOMINI TRADING, CARLSBERG Serbia, TUBORG Romania, PROCTER & GAMBLE, ACDPI, COSMOTE, ALPHA BANK Romania, PIRAEUS BANK, BANCPOST etc. 6. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Environmental education have been once more recognized as a very powerful tool for the appropriate ecological knowledge’s of the coming generations and not only, is the key factor for the tomorrow, active citizens. B.EN.A. put all efforts to introduce the environmental principles and concept to the young people and especially to pupils. The “feedback” from these actions are quite impressive and promising, the “kids are only sure quality for the future of this planet”. Contact persons: Prof.dr. Fokion Vosniakos President of International Board Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.) Alexander Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki P.O. Box 141, 57400-Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece E-mail:;; httttp::////www..jjepe--jjournall..iinffo// Dr.. 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